Hi all!

Thanks for stopping by to get to know the Weber’s. I would like to take a moment to introduce us.  

I’m Julie, the dreamer of the duo, lover of Pinterest projects, capturing meaningful moments with photography and scrapbooking, venturing near and far on excursions, and making as many memories with my loved ones as I can.  I will be living at the resort during the peak season and will continue to pursue my photography business in Iowa and in Wisconsin.

My husband Chad, is the realist between us, he’s the worker bee who has always provided for our family. He owns his own plumbing and heating business in Iowa. He loves to take something in dire need of repair and create it into something beautiful. He’s an avid outdoorsman, strong family man, and my knight in shining armor. He’s the reason my dream of owning a lakeside resort is coming true. He will not live at the resort full time, but will be up as much as he can.

We have two wonderful children, Bri is 24, and Drake is 21. We have four fur babies, 3 dogs and 1 cat.  Our 12 year old black lab Kalla has been with me up to the resort, she leads her best life there, Ruger our 5 year old rescue German Shorthair runs all day on our 3 acres back in Iowa and our new addition Renley is our 3 month old German Shorthair.  She will be going back and forth to spend time at both places.  Our indoor outdoor cat Elza lives in Iowa full time.

We purchased the resort in the fall of 2018, with the desire and determination to restore this resort back to its glory days.  Hope you will join us in our journey to do that.

Talk soon!

Julie & Chad

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